Allied Health

Research Project Title Investigators Brief Project Description ISLHD Sites/Departments [External organisations]
Mobilisation of patients following aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH) Sabrina Hernandez A survey of current practice in the mobilisation of patients following aSAH. Physiotherapy, Wollongong Hospital; [Royal Prince Alfred Hospital]
Quantitative Measurement Frailty in Older People Yasmeen Naz Panhwar, Melissa Roach, Jan Potter A systematic review of quantitative assessment methods and clinical approaches to frailty in the elderly. Aged Care, Bulli Hospital, Wollongong Hospital, Physiotherapy Department; [University of Wollongong Engineering Department]
Chest Infection Prevalence After Surgery Ianthe Bowden, Emily Rossiter The primary aim of this trial is to determine the incidence of post operative pulmonary complications using standardised diagnostic criteria in the first 7 postoperative days following major non-orthopaedic surgery. Physiotherapy, Ambulatory and Primary Health Care; [University of Sydney]
Assessing the Risk of Fall in Older People through Turning Test Maryam Ghahramani, Melissa Roach, Jan Potter   Aged Care Services, Wollongong Hospital; [Engineering Department University of Wollongong]
Allied Health Professionals experience of supervising Allied Health Assistants Patrick Brown, Sue Fitzpatrick, Rowena Hockings A mixed methods study in Allied Health Professionals’ experience of supervising Allied Health Assistants. Allied Health Services, Speech Pathology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy
Are best practice falls prevention strategies implemented in inpatients? Lyndel Hewitt, Tori Esler, Cythia Tse, Edward Davidson Do orthopaedic and stroke patients who are at risk of falls have best practice falls prevention strategies implemented during their whole inpatient journey (acute to rehab to home? Wollongong Hospital, Physiotherapy
Aphasia screening in people with acute stroke Clare Kendrick, Amanda Beattie, Ashleigh Brown, Kristen Farrell, Denbi-Lee Thomson Ongoing project combing research and quality improvement to examine current practices for aphasia screening in NSW, evidence based practice, and implementation of new processes within the ISLHD. Wollongong Hospital, Shellharbour Hospital, Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital
Medication information on hospital discharge to General Practitioners Kerry Watts Improving the quality and communication of medication information on hospital discharge to General Practitioners. Pharmacy
Admission avoidance in frail elderly population Sue Fitzpatrick, Kate Anderson, Patrick Brown Can allied health facilitate admission avoidance in 75+ years patients presenting to ED with Category 3+ triage? Wollongong Hospital, Allied Health Services, Nuclear Medicine
Exploring the experience of clinical supervision of ISLHD Allied Health Practitioners Janelle Roby, Rebekah Reurich, Sue Fitzpatrick The purpose of this research was to explore the experience of clinical supervision of ISLHD Allied Health Practitioners where participation is supported by the ISLHD Allied Health Clinical Peer Supervision Policy. The study aimed to explore the effectiveness of the current policy, identify any enablers or barriers to effective clinical supervision, and explore any differences that exist between sites, profession and professional award level. Allied Health Services