Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) and evaluation are important to ensure effective work and the best outcomes. However, confusion arises over if an activity is research, evaluation or QA as there may be similar research methods used. While not wanting to discourage QA practice with unnecessary obstacles, it is nonetheless recommended that QA activities be subject to a routine and simple review process to identify ethical risks (if any).

Process for determining if a project is Research or a Quality Activity

  1. Complete the check list within the NSW Health Guideline 2007_020 – Human Research Ethics Committees - Quality Improvement & Ethical Review: A Practice Guide for NSW (GL2007_020)
  2. Scan the completed check list and email it to the Research Governance Officer (RGO) along with a detailed description of the project, i.e. aim, background, methods, will data be de-identified, include copies of surveys etc. if applicable
  3. The project will be reviewed by the RGO and the ISLHD Clinical Director of Health and Medical Research
  4. An email will be issued advising if the project either complies with the GL2007_020 and no further ethical review is required or you will be referred to the ethics office for further advice

If the email advises that the project complies with the GL007_020, you can use this email for publication purposes.

Projects deemed as Quality Activity should also be registered with the ISLHD Improvement and Innovation Portal on the ISLHD intranet.