Primary and Integrated Community Health Services

Research Project Title Investigators Brief Project Description ISLHD Sites/Departments [External organisations]
Pertussis impact and morbidity in children Diane Lovatt, Curtis Gregory, Michael Staff Pertussis impact and morbidity study in children 12 months to 59 months in NSW. Public Health Service; [Northern Sydney Local Health District]
Delivering effective dental healthcare in 2020-2030: A national longitudinal partnership study of burden of oral diseases in Australia Mark Brown, Negar Dehestani, Marco Peres A national longitudinal partnership study of burden of oral diseases in Australia” is a National Study that is being led by the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCPOH). Oral Health Service, Nowra Dental Clinic, Warilla Dental Clinic, Wollongong Dental Clinic; [University of Adelaide]
Healthy Mouths Matter” Pilot Project Geet Salwan, Laura Righetto Integrating an oral health care programme into the Shellharbour Hospital Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit. Oral Health Service
National Study of Adult Oral Health (NSAOH) 2016-18 Mark O’Connor, Negar Dehestani Aims of the study:
1. To describe prevalence and extent of dental decay, gum disease, tooth loss and related oral conditions in the Australian adult population.
2. To evaluate changes in the prevalence and extent of oral diseases in the Australian adult population and socioeconomic subgroups since the previous National Survey of Adult Oral Health 2004–06 study.
3. To examine access to services in Australia, social inequality and determinants of oral health, and demand for dental services for the Australian population aged 15+ years.
Oral Health Service
The Southern IML Research (SIMLR) Study Darren Mayne SIMLR aims to (i) understand the geographic distribution of cardiometabolic health risk factors such as body mass index, glycated haemoglobin, and serum cholesterol across the ISLHD area; and (ii) translate this knowledge at system and service levels to facilitate health care planning, commissioning, access, and delivery. Public Health Service; [Southern IML Pathology, University of Wollongong]