Research Central

Research Central’s goal is to assist ISLHD clinicians with research processes. We provide individual project support, including:

  • assistance with developing research questions or hypotheses;
  • study design and planning;
  • guidance and support with ethics, and governance processes;
  • direction and advice on statistical analyses;
  • review and feedback of manuscripts;
  • assistance in dissemination of research through appropriate channels, and available resources.

We believe it is important to link clinicians to researchers with expertise, and facilitate collaborations with other entities for a greater research impact. Relational events are provided throughout the year by Research Central. These events include the following:

  • Annual Research Dinner highlighting achievements of ISLHD clinicians’ research activities;
  • Symposiums that provide insight into current research involvement in ISLHD;
  • Workshops regarding research processes, content and statistical analysis;
  • Annual Research Report delivering snapshots of ISLHD clinicians’ research projects and achievements of the past 12 months;
  • The ISLHD Research and Quality Bulletin allows the dissemination of finalised research/quality projects, and provides an intermediary platform to guide the publication process.

Research Central takes pride in nurturing research acculturation through advocacy, promotion and support for all levels of research and for all ISLHD staff.

Research Central sits in the Research Directorate at Wollongong Hospital, Block C, Level 8.

Who are we?

Clinical Director of Health and
Medical Research at ISLHD

Associate Professor Bruce Ashford


Research Manager

Honorary Clinical Associate Professor Marianna Milosavljevic

Telephone: 4253 4875


Research Clinicians

Accordion Content


Dante Risi

Telephone: 4253 4891


Lina Baytieh

Telephone: 4253 4823


Janaye Fish

Telephone: 4253 4892


Dr Kimberley Davis

Telephone: 4253 4786


Dr Geoffrey Melville

Telephone: 4253 4807



Dr Lyndel Hewitt

Telephone: 4253 4801


Anna Pryor

Telephone: 4253 4800