Vaping information for parents

Vaping is an increasing problem among teenagers. Below are resources for parents to help tackle vaping with their children.

Additional resources for parents

Video: Vaping – What parents and teachers need to know
Presented by Professor Renee Bittoun. (1hr 14min).

Video: Behind the News (BTN) - The Science of Vaping
Chemists at the University of Wollongong who’s collecting vapes and taking them apart to study what’s inside and if it could be bad for people’s health. (4 min).

Video: Vaping, why are our kids doing it and what can we do about it?
Psychologists Dr Justin Coulson and Dr Lisa Damour talk about why are kids are vaping and how we as parents help them to navigate this issue.

Factsheet: E-cigarettes: What you need to know as parents
Covers what are e-cigarettes, how they work, what they look like, are they safe and what you can do as a parent.
Developed by: Cancer Council, 2020.

Alcohol and Drug Foundation Website (Australia): Vaping amongst young people
Covers why young people are attracted to vaping and talking about vaping with young people.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne website
Covers E-cigarettes and teens, health risks, safety, when to see a doctor, recommendations for parents, key finding from poll: do parents know the dangers, podcast and video by Paediatrician Dr Anthea Rhodes.

Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA)
Article: What parents should say when their teen says ‘But it’s not smoking‘ when they find out they are vaping.