Cookbooks and Resources


These free e-cookbooks provide ideas for schools and early childhood services to help them in providing healthy food options for children.

View and download resources for supported playgroups.


The Healthy Fundraising Guide contains fundraising ideas for your school or service with a healthy twist.

For images promoting health messages, check out our Healthy Grabs.

Lunch boxes

Wanting some lunch box ideas? Check out our Lunchbox Flyer. If you are printing copies in black and white, try this version.

For ideas on making lunches waste-free, have a look at the Waste-Free Lunchbox Flyer. If you are a school wanting to promote waste-free lunches, we have a poster you can download.



For smokers in hospital

Help is available for smokers to ease cravings during a hospital stay. For more information see our poster or brochure.

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)

For useful game ideas for toddlers in an early childhood setting, check out our fundamental movement skills (FMS) posters: